Report on Relevant VET Courses and Internship Demand


Deliverable 1.3

This report tries addresses the basic needs and challenges in terms of skills and needs of the three country reports (Cambodia, Malaysia and Thailand) in the sector of food innovation. The input received and presented will be used as an input in the design of training programs within the FOODI project framework. In that context, the structure of the report firstly presents the methodological framework in which the partner countries examined the current situation of the sector in terms of existing training programs and skills needs in the current personnel working in the industry. The report includes the findings of an extensive desk research that our Team Members have conducted as well as those of a qualitative research. Our analysis is aligned to the main guidelines stated out in the FOODI application. More specifically, we are reporting the existing professional training courses (where available) of the three regions in terms of required professional skills in food processing and innovation and we are mapping the training needs of existing personnel aiming at the future participants of the FOODI training courses and internship. Our approach includes the study of food innovation related occupational profiles in the three countries, with the intention to understand the differences in the profiles and their relation to skills, i.e. Digital Skills. Having structured a solid background of knowledge, based on the above analysis we are ready to step further into answering the key question of whether the existing VET Curricula in the three countries are aligned and provide adequate skills and knowledge to cover new sectoral needs. Our VET Curricula review for the three countries, has been conducted within a systematic approach that has taken into consideration:

•The name, history and classification of each VET Educational system that is providing a specific food innovation curriculum or related curriculum has been identified and enlisted,

•The Learning Outcomes, the total duration of each Curricula and its content.


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