MSc Foodi by our partners

AIT took the pioneering step in offering the master’s program, an endeavor crafted within the framework of MSc FOODI. Subsequently, UHST and SRU, situated in different Cambodian provinces, followed suit. In due course, other partners such as UTM and various institutions joined the initiative, contingent upon approvals from universities and ministries.

To facilitate the dissemination of information to prospective students, a comprehensive MSc FOODI Handbook and brochure were curated, spearheaded by UTM. Concurrently, collaborative partners contributed content, including student testimonials, via the FOODI Facebook and Instagram platforms.

In the pursuit of implementing the MSc FOODI program, each HEI partner dedicated efforts to craft modules for FOODI professional training, subsequently delivering this training. The process was a delicate balancing act, with UM focusing on FOODI professional training, while the remaining nine Asian HEIs navigated the initiation of the MSc FOODI program. These partners faced challenges in student recruitment, compounded by the pandemic’s impact.

To date, there were 114 students already enrolled in MSc FOODI across nine Asian partner HEIs. More information about the MSc programme can be found in the Deliverables section.


AIT Foodi