The MSc Foodi internship programme is a pivotal component of the MSc Food Processing and Innovation curriculum, designed to bridge the gap between academic learning and industry application. This executive summary offers a concise overview of the programme’s objectives, structure, and benefits.

The primary objective of the MSc Foodi internship programme is to provide students with real-world exposure and hands-on experience within the food processing and innovation industry. Through meaningful interactions with industry partners, students are empowered to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings, fostering the development of industry-relevant skills and competencies. The programme aims to nurture a generation of professionals who are not only well-versed in theoretical concepts but also equipped to tackle real challenges in the food industry.

Spanning across two semesters, the internship programme is seamlessly integrated into the MSc Foodi curriculum. In MIDAS 2, students initiate their engagement with industry partners by visiting companies, conducting interviews, and identifying challenges. This phase sets the stage for the subsequent steps in MIDAS 3, where students design and test prototypes that address these identified challenges. Throughout both phases, students benefit from the guidance of academic and industry supervisors, ensuring a collaborative and enriching learning experience.

UTM inked five LOIs with their industry partners to support the internship programme for 2022.

Pin Tara from Cambodia, talks about Internship Programme in Cambodia.