Some publication related to the Foodi Project:


“Eat, work, love: alternative tourists’ connection with ethnic food”

by Rosmini Omar, Stefanos Vegas and other international collaborators


Ethnic food is a pivotal polysemic artifact, yet commonly studied based on experience. This leaves an eclipse in understanding its overall significance and implications. The purpose of this paper is to explore the interactions of experience, intimacy and embodiment from the lens of alternative tourism and Asia as a destination image.

Publish in British Food Journal, Volume 122 Issue 6.  Read More->


“Joint Faculty Approach to Active Learning in Master Classes

of Food Technology and Engineering”

by Massimo Poletto*, Donatella Albanese, Stefano Cardea, Francesco Donsì,
Francesco Marra, Michele Miccio, Gianpiero Pataro


A cooperative approach in the faculty members of the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of
Salerno (Italy) was adopted to produce valuable documentation and material for applications of active learning
methodology in the master course in Food Processing and Innovation developed within the FOODI project, an
Erasmus+ project financed in 2018 in the action KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good
practices – Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education. A dedicated form was developed as a key tool in
both recording the teaching/learning needs and transferring the work results in terms of examples and
activities. Web seminars were provided to illustrate the examples.

Publish in Chemical Engineering Transaction, Volume 87 2021.  Active Learning in Food Technology- READ MORE…


By Margaret Chan, UiTM














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