Report of Similar Curricula in Europe


Deliverable 1.2

The aim of the second deliverable of Work Package 1 is to study similar programmes and curricula in Europe in order to identify the gaps and better assess the exact academic needs that must be catered for by FOODI. University of the Aegean (UAegean) from Greece is responsible in identifying similar curricula in the subject area in Europe with the aid of the partners HEI from Ireland (UCD) and Italy (UNISA).

The research was planned into two phases:

• Research for similar postgraduate courses at universities in Europe.

• Qualitative research through questionnaires to academic experts in food science.

The research process for the Part A started on 6th of March when the Collecting Data Template (APPENDIX D1.2 A) was uploaded in the FOODI’s internal area. Europe was seperated into the three following areas (one for each European HEI): a) Europe Area 1 (UCD): U.K., Ireland, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Germany. b) Europe Area 2 (UNISA): Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Austria, Luxemburg, Belgium, Netherlands, Turkey. c) Europe Area 3 (UAegean): Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia, Malta The three European Partners uploaded the templates of all the existing similar MSc courses in Europe in the internal area before the end of April 2019.

The results of this first phase of the survey is a total of 134 MSc Courses in Europe, with 60 of them Area 1, 39 in Area 2 and 35 postgraduate programs in Area 3. The Part B of research process started on 10th of April when the Questionnaire Template for the Academic Experts was also uploaded in the FOODI’s internal area. Then, European HEI created lists of qualified academics who could participate in this qualitative research and with their opinion contribute to the creation of FOODI Master Course.From this sample, researchers received finally answers from 75 Academic Experts from whole the Europe.

  • The key issues that this qualitative research tried to investigate was:
  • The importance of specific modules in Business / Innovation / Entrepreneurship area.
  • The importance of specific modules in Food Science / Food Technology / Food Engineering area.
  • Technical modules should form the major part of postgraduate programs for the Food Industry?
  • Business perspective is needed in postgraduate programs for the Food Industry.
  • What is the competitive advantage/unique selling point of your own program?
  • What is the target group for your own MSc program?

All the data of the questionnaires were taken from the FOODI’s database on 15th of July by the UAegean and the statistical and qualitative assessment was started. Finally, a full review of the findings for both the two parts of the survey was prepared by the lead partner, UAegean, at the end of July 2019.

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