Foodi Objectives

The purpose of the MSc Programme in Food Processing Innovation is to educate aspiring food entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, government officials, and food industry professionals in the end-to-end value chain of food processing: from understanding the elements of food, to starting a new venture for disrupting and enriching the food processing industry in Asia.

Beyond coursework the Foodi project aims to:

  • provide industry placement, in relevant businesses and government agencies.
  • design and provide digital learning solutions, to allow modern forms of learning, as well as to enable contribution from experts across the globe in the development of the program.
  • promote cooperation, exchange of know-how and good practices in the subject area between EU partners and Asian Higher Education Institutions in Malaysia, Cambodia and Thailand.
  • establish viable synergies and links with the regional food industry in order to address their needs in specialized personnel and enhance the employability of FOODI graduates.
  • contribute to local economic growth, by providing to program participants the right knowledge/skills/tools to turn the local food processing sector into a driver of social and economic growth.