Food Innovation

The project’s innovative character rests on the fact that it aims to create a new MSc programme, which incorporates for the first-time innovation management in the food processing curricula.

Foodi distinctive characteristics are:

To contribute to local economic growth, by providing to program participants the right knowledge/skills/tools to turn the local food processing sector into a driver of social and economic growth;

To help improve local educational standards, by working with local students and professors to adopt and adapt educational approaches, practices and know-how that are common in EU;

To raise EU’s visibility as an ambassador of positive change.

To expose participants in the end-to-end value chain of food processing – from understanding the elements of food, to starting a new venture for disrupting the local food processing industry. Participants will thus apply, develop and communicate knowledge in the cross-field between food, health and innovation. To do so, they will be educated in innovation, entrepreneurship, food science/engineering, and elements of social science.

Go beyond coursework, including industry placement, in relevant businesses, government agencies, etc.and digital learning, to allow modern forms of learning, as well as to enable contribution from experts across the globe in the development of the program.

To establish networks for support and post-project continuation.