Action research – The MIDAS approach

To best acquire the skills to innovate is through configuring, experiencing and offering value to others. To ultimately sustain such skills, existing boundaries needs openness to new connectivity and networking. This spread of active learning process is what MSc FOODI offers to its learners. We call it MIDAS, an acronym for Mastering Innovation, and Disruptive Approached to Success.

MIDAS is stretched along the three semester journey of accomplishing MSc Food Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MSc FOODI) programme.  This capstone action research project will enable learners to gain calibre in designing new solutions to industry issues in the food industry.  Through series of creative and innovative thinking, peer discussion, industry consultancy-internship, and finally a FOODI Conference, learners will master the creative confidence of an entrepreneurial mindset.

Our learners will be equipped with design thinking skills and techniques to apply innovative & disruptive approaches to problems and challenges in a real-world context. Design thinking combines human-centred perspective and scientific approach that will help the learners to lead change by creating, testing and innovating new methods, strategies, and solutions, translating ideas into value.

MIDAS consists of an Industry Centred Action Research Project, a key for bridging the divide between academia and business. Learners will have the opportunity to solve real-world problems in the industry using the techniques and tools they have acquired.  This process, coupled with consistent self-reflection will help them to improve their communication skills, problem-solving skills, analytical skills and teamwork.  To instill inclusive connectivity, we allow them to share their Action Project in our FOODI Conference in their final semester.